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Finding the perfect agent for you starts with discovering and listening to your goals and what matters most to you. The perfect agent for your neighbor might not be the perfect agent for you. There are a lot of agents to choose from, many of which perform well and sell a lot of homes. But that might not necessarily mean that agent will work well with you, so why not go a step further to match based on your goals, your home and which who you would get along with and trust. 

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What Makes A Top Agent?

Agent Has Consistent Home Sales, Negotiates Well, Sell Fasts and For More and Get Buyer's Lowest Price

We Only work with the Top Agents in Houston. We Have a Multi-Factor Rating System

Agent Has Great Reviews From Past Clients and No Disciplinary Action on License or Complaints

Will Spend Time With You and Be Available to Assist Around the Clock

When you are making the big decision of buying a home, A Top Real Estate Agent’s knowledge of the process, local expertise and all around guidance makes all the difference. A Top Real Estate Agent will find you the right home, guide and support you in financing and making strategic offers. They will make sure the entire process runs smoothly so you achieve your ultimate goal – getting in your dream home. 

Buying A Home

Why A Top Agent for your Big Purchase

A Top Selling Agent has the highest level of expertise. The Seller’s Agent must be a top notch expert in both sides of the transaction. Additionally, they must have their marketing, home staging, open house and negotiating skills dialed in. When you are putting your biggest investment up for sale, you want to make sure the agent handling that sale will get you the highest level of results and do it right the first time. A Top Agent will make sure your home stands out from the rest so it has the perfect appeal and gets the right response from potential buyers 

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Selling A Home

Finding The Right Agent starts with your needs and goals. Our Consultants and matching pros will listen to your situation and recommend the best agent based off what matters to you

Once we understand your goals and situation, we go through our database of Top Agents and narrow down which one will be the best for you and let you know why

Getting Introduced to the Top Agent

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Lastly ,We will present you with the Agent we think is perfect for you! We will give you a lot of background information and you decide if you like our recommendation

This only takes 30 Seconds and then we work our Magic!

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